Miramax Announces Billy Bob Thornton is Returning for 'Bad Santa 2'

Ready for yet another long-awaited sequel? This one has been a long-time in the making, for sure. Miramax and Broad Green Pictures have officially announced and confirmed that Bad Santa 2 is happening, and actor Billy Bob Thornton will be returning to star as Willie Soke, the "Bad Santa" back around for more shenanigans. The original film was released back in 2003, though we've been covering sequels about it ever since we started. This time, they sent out a press release with quotes and everything, so it's about as official as it can get. Which makes sense considering pretty much every sequel/reboot is being made now. "We've been waiting far too long to see Billy Bob's Willie Soke mess with the holiday season in his own unique way."

Here are the other two quotes direct from the press release from the production companies behind this:

"We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Billy Bob, the entire creative and producing team, and Broad Green and Sierra/Affinity to bring back the outrageous humor and characters that made this movie brand iconic in the first place."

"Bad Santa has been a part of our family holiday tradition ever since we all saw it together at our neighborhood theatre," said Broad Green Pictures CEO Gabriel Hammond and CCO Daniel Hammond. "We are excited to bring this memorable character and new chapter back to the big screen."

According to the info, Billy Bob Thornton is confirmed to return for Bad Santa 2. Geyer Kosinski (of The Astronaut Farmer, The Bad News Bears, "Fargo") will produce. David Thwaites will oversee the project for Miramax and Victor Moyers for Broad Green Pictures, with shooting beginning January 2016 in Montréal, Québec, Canada. Oddly, the press release doesn't name a director or screenwriter, though I'm sure we'll find out more details soon. The original Bad Santa was directed by Terry Zwigoff and released in 2003. The screenwriters of that film, Glenn Ficarra & John Requa, have since gone on to become filmmakers of their own, with Crazy, Stupid, Love and Focus being their latest film. Bad Santa 2 is aiming to be released during the 2016 holiday season late next year, stay tuned for more details. Everyone ready for more debauchery?